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Welcome To The Email Processing Program
Where You Earn $20 Commissions And Residual Income!

CAN YOU SEND AN EMAIL? I know...Dumb Question! Then YOU are on your way to earning daily $20 commissions with the ALL NEW Email Processing Program! You have seen Email Processing Programs but with the (Lower Price) we offer our sales have exploded! And that's great news for you!

Many of these Email Processing programs cost $25 and you also have to pay a $10 Fee for a website bringing their total to $35. I have even seen some that charge $50 to $100! Not a big deal if you have it. But, if you don't this program is perfect for people who are just starting out or trying to make some extra cash online! And you know what? People LOVE the daily $20 dollar commissions and the Email Processing Program has become a SMASHING SUCCESS!

Let's do some simple math to demonstrate the power of the Email Processing Program. Let's say you bring in just one sale a day. Easy to do! You would make $600 dollars a month! Not bad for a one time $24.95 spend! What about two sales a day? You are looking at $1200 a month! Heck, that is a rent payment for most people! What about three sales? You are looking at $1800 a month! Wait... It gets even better! We have incorporated a 1-Up Compensation Plan and that can literally blow your income through the roof! Would you invest just $24.95 one time to have that kind of earning potential? Of course you would!


How It Works: When you join the Email Processing Program the only thing you have to do is invite people to your Email Processing Program website. We provide a BONUS page in the back office with Marketing Resources! You are welcome to use your own methods! When someone joins from your website you make $20 Dollar Commissions For Life After Passing Up Your 1ST Qualifying Sale! And the best part... Since the system is automated you DO NOT even need to process an email! The system sends an email for you!

Here's What You Get As A Member: All members receive their own Email Processing Program website URL. You will find that in the Promotional Center in your back office! Upgraded Members also receive a 12 Video Online Marketing Course valued at $497! Hosting is FREE for life! (A Savings Of Hundreds Of Dollars!) There are NO monthly fees! NO yearly dues! None of that here! Just pure instant profit in your pockets!

Let's Get You Started! Getting started is a snap! Simply click on the "REGISTER" button below and create your FREE account. In your Back Office Member's Area you will see how to Upgrade to a Pro Member and start collecting those $20 commissions! That's all there is to it! Thank you for joining the Email Processing Program! May you be blessed abundantly!

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